Smartman test

Realistic simulation test of respiratory protective equipment for use against chemical warfare agents.

Unique system test for protective respirators

Smartman stands for Simulant Agent Resistance Test Manikin. This is a system test, developed in the United States of America. ProQares is the only non-US commercial laboratory in the world that can carry out this test. The Smartman system test makes it possible to perform highly accurate and realistic measurements of the level of protection provided by protective respiratory equipment against chemical warfare agents.

The Smartman test procedure

The Smartman consists of a dummy head and torso that simulate natural breathing. The respiratory protective equipment is placed on the dummy head, after which it is exposed to the chemical warfare agent Mustard agent (HD) or Sarin (GB). Sensors at the nose and eyes of the dummy register how much blister agent or nerve gas permeates the materials during the test. For Sarin we test with vapour; for Mustard agent both vapour and droplets can be used. The droplets are accurately applied in accordance with a realistic scenario.

The end result is a carefully performed measurement that gives you a clear insight into the effective level of protection provided by your product.

Protection when it’s most important

When using respiratory protective equipment, end users must be able to fully rely on their personal protective equipment in acutely life-threatening conditions. With the Smartman system test, ProQares can help you to substantiate that confidence in your product.

The Smartman is only one of the required or desired tests for respiratory protective equipment and other protective products. ProQares can perform a wide range of required tests for you in accordance with international standards.