About ProQares

Independent. Specialised. Flexible. Using these core-values, ProQares tests the performance and quality of protective products for companies and governments worldwide.

ProQares is a Dutch laboratory specialised in testing protective equipment. With chemical warfare agents (CWAs), cytostatics and a wide range of industrial chemicals at our disposal, we are an expert in materials testing, system testing and on-site testing. We also offer our expertise in consultancy.

And we offer more than just a standard test report. Our specialists are able to guide you through the test results and support you in interpreting those. We work fast, are independent and guarantee a consistently high quality. Our focus is never on an individual test or product, but on the ultimate goal: guaranteeing the safety of military, medical and industrial personnel thanks to carefully tested protective products.

ProQares gives companies and governments a head start thanks to:

  • Testing with a high level of accuracy and reliability
  • Quickly delivered, comprehensive test reports
  • Independent and honest advice based on many years of experience
  • A high level of knowledge and expertise
  • Partnership with Notified Bodies
  • Groundbreaking tailor-made solutions for test set-ups
  • A wide range of toxic substances: industrial chemicals, cytostatics and chemical warfare agents

The history of ProQares

ProQares used to be part of the independent research institute TNO: the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. This institute, established in 1932, makes knowledge in all kinds of areas applicable for companies and governments.

In 2010 ProQares became independent and therefore builds on the scientific knowledge and status of TNO. This gives ProQares a unique position as a test laboratory: we operate independently, which makes us a reliable partner for companies and governments worldwide. We are EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited (ref. L543), have an extensive range of test methods and equipment at our disposal and have a leading position regarding both standardised and tailor-made tests.

Mission and strategy

ProQares ensures that people who operate in dangerous (working) conditions can fully rely on the quality and performance of personal and/or collective protective equipment.

We contribute to the safety and competitiveness of companies and governments, both locally and globally. Various accreditations make us a world leader in chemical testing for protective equipment.

ProQares offers tests based on many standards, such as ISO, EN, ASTM, NATO, NFPA and BS. We are also involved in the development of new standards. This allows us to contribute to reliable personal and collective protection for anyone who depends on it.

Above all else, ProQares is a valued and reliable partner for all our clients. Our common goal is to contribute to making products better and safer for personal and collective protection.