Man In Simulant Test (MIST)

For controlled practical testing of complete protective systems.

Safety in practice

When it comes to protective equipment, safety is paramount. You do not want to discover any weak spots under hazardous conditions. That is why ProQares offers the MIST: Man In Simulant Test. In a safe and controlled setting, we measure the effectiveness of a complete protective system through tests on test subjects. During this test we map out leaks and weak spots in the system. This is key information for both manufacturers of protective clothing during the design phase of a system and for end users who, through the MIST, gain insight into how the protective systems perform in practice.

The MIST by ProQares

ProQares has many years of experience with the MIST. We make use of a rigorously validated method and work with carefully selected test subjects of varying body dimensions This allows us to provide an accurate picture of the level of protection provided and any weak spots of the tested ensemble. The MIST is performed as follows:

We determine the test conditions in consultation with the client. This can be based on a standard protocol, like NATO AEP-38, or a tailor-made protocol. Using the details of the system to be tested, we select the most suitable test subjects. Sensors are attached to the body of these test subjects and they wear the protective clothing over them.

In our test chamber, the test subjects are exposed to a certain concentration of a non-toxic simulant (methyl salicylate), while they perform routine movements and exercises. The sensors register the quantity of the  simulant the specific body parts are exposed to. We analyse this data and process it to produce a clear test report.

System testing for complete certainty

To find out how a  protective ensemble performs in practice, system tests provide important added value. Only by completing a system test like the MIST, you will have certainty that your protective equipment meets the requirements and your own expectations.

Apart from system testing, you can also contact ProQares for material testing and on-site testing. With our comprehensive range of tests, ProQares contributes to the protection and safety of everyone who depends on protective equipment.