Collective Protection (colpro) tests

Material testing and on-site system testing of collective protective equipment.

Reliable protection when it’s most important

Critical facilities require reliable protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Colpro units provide this protection. At ProQares we test whether your collective protective equipment meets the (military) standard or your own specific requirements.

Comprehensive range of tests for collective protection

For colpro units, we can perform material testing, carbon adsorption testing and on-site system testing. This ensures that every aspect is carefully analysed to see whether it provides the desired level of protection. For materials and adsorption testing, we work with a wide range of TICs and CWAs. We use permeation tests to measure whether the (tent) material provides enough resistance to the substances in question. We use carbon (or other adsorbent) adsorption tests to check the adsorption capacity of the filter blower unit; we use aerosol tests to measure the filter efficiency of the filter blower unit.

For the on-site test, we collaborate together with our partner TNO and set up the system in a sealed, controlled chamber. Within this chamber we generate an aerosol concentration of a harmless simulant. Measuring equipment on the inside of the colpro system is used to measure whether the aerosol penetrates the system.

This combination of tests gives you certainty that your collective protective equipment functions as you can expect it to.

Advanced test set-ups

Our tests are suitable for both mobile and stationary collective protective equipment. We work with advanced test set-ups in our own laboratory and on site, allowing us to provide manufacturers and end users with high-quality and highly reliable test results.

ProQares can test collective and personal protective equipment. We offer a wide range of tests for protective clothing and protective respiratory equipment. And all of our tests can be performed in accordance with (military and industrial) standards or based on a tailor-made test protocol.