Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs)

Permeation tests with chemical warfare agents on protective clothing and materials.

Protection when it’s most important

Military personnel and first responders in the civil sector have to deal with life-threatening dangers, which are both visible and invisible. In those conditions they must be able to fully rely on the protection provided by their clothing. ProQares determines the quality of protective clothing and materials with high-quality permeation tests using chemical warfare agents.

Realistic testing with CWAs

ProQares has a wide variety of test chemicals available, including chemical warfare agents. During permeation tests, we measure whether and in what concentration a chemical warfare agent permeates a material. When using CWAs we generally work with a realistic set-up based on the actual exposure that military users may have to deal with. This results in highly accurate test results that contribute to the safety of military personnel and first responders.

Tests are performed based on international standards (NATO, BS, ISO, FINABEL) or under conditions specified by you.

Partner in protection

ProQares is an independent, specialised test laboratory. We work as a partner to our clients to guarantee the best results. We do this by delivering test results quickly, by preparing extensive reports and by providing tailor-made services. In this way, we contribute to safety and protection all over the world.

The permeation test is only one of the required or desired tests for evaluating protective clothing. ProQares provides a wide range of required tests in accordance with international standards.