Notified Bodies & Standardisation Committees

ProQares is a partner of a large number of notified bodies and participates in expert groups for standardisation committees.

Partner to notified bodies

ProQares collaborates closely with many European notified bodies and American institutes for certification. They rely on our expertise and the validity of our test results. If you opt for a test at ProQares, you choose a high-quality test report that provides reliable proof that your product complies with the required standards.

Do you have any questions about collaboration with a notified body? Our experts will be happy to advise you on the options and possibilities for certification and testing.

Standardisation committees

At ProQares, we are renowned worldwide for our high-quality tests and our independent expertise. We take part in expert groups in several standardisation committees, including NEN, ISO, BS and NATO. In these committees, we advise on changes to (newly developed) standards using our independent point of view.