Total inward leakage test

Total inward leakage test for respiratory protective equipment.

Greater knowledge of actual protection

When it comes to protective respiratory equipment, a good overall protection is very important. If the seal to the face is poor, the product will not sufficiently protect the user, even if the individual components (material, filter, adsorbent material) do provide adequate protection. The ProQares total inward leakage test, performed in accordance with European standards, measures the combination of leakage plus the filtering efficiency of full-face and half-face mask respirators during actual use. Test subjects wear the mask and follow a predetermined movement protocol in our test chamber, which we fill with a harmless aerosol. Advanced measuring equipment registers the quantity of the simulant that penetrates the respiratory protective device.

This information provides insight into the actual protection provided by a respirator and allows you to fine-tune the fit, if necessary.

Advanced tests

Our laboratory has a state-of-the-art test chamber for test subjects. We can fully control the conditions inside this chamber and adjust them according to standardised protocols or your own specifications. This makes it possible to produce highly reliable results.

Active worldwide with system testing and more

ProQares is active worldwide in the field of testing protective equipment. We can perform a wide range of required tests for you in accordance with international (military and industrial) standards. The total inward leakage test is one of the system tests that we offer, in addition to the Smartman testSWPF and MIST.

In addition to system tests, you can also contact us for materials testing and on-site testing. With our comprehensive range of tests, ProQares contributes to the protection and safety of everyone who depends on protective equipment.