Simulated Workplace Protection Factor (SWPF) tests

On-site testing of respiratory protective equipment to determine the simulated workplace protection factors.

On-site testing under realistic conditions

When using respiratory protective equipment, it is important to know how it performs under realistic working conditions. A system test will give a good indication of this. ProQares offers the possibility to perform an on-site system test, during which we carry out measurements in the location where the protective respiratory equipment will be used.

We perform these measurements in a test chamber set up on site. There, test subjects will complete a movement protocol while wearing the protective respiratory equipment. A harmless substance is added to the chamber as a simulant for the hazardous substances against which protection is required. Using special measuring equipment, we register the extent to which the simulant penetrates the mask and which movements of the person wearing the mask pose a risk here. We use the results to calculate the simulated workplace protection factor (SWPF).

Optimum protection of employees

An SWPF measurement contributes to the safety of employees. Respiratory protective equipment may perform well in test set-ups, but the fit and performance in specific working conditions also play a crucial role in providing effective protection. The ProQares on-site system test allows you to determine in a reliable manner whether a mask will provide enough protection for your employees. You can also compare several masks under realistic conditions. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the most suitable test set-up and options.

Independent expertise

ProQares is renowned worldwide because of our extensive and independent tests and reports. Not only do we provide tests, we are also more than willing to give you sound advice based on our knowledge and experience.

In addition to (on-site) system testing, we also provide a wide range of material testing services. All our tests are performed in accordance with international (military or industrial) standards or based on a tailor-made test protocol. With these tests, we can help you to evaluate your protective clothing and respiratory protective equipment.