Permeation tests with pesticides on materials for protective clothing, gloves and boots.

Working safely with pesticides

Pesticides are used professionally and at home to control pests (animal or plant). These pesticides are harmful to human health. ProQares tests protective clothing, gloves and boots to see if they provide effective protection against pesticides, allowing everyone to work safely with these substances.

The right test for each material

There are different test methods that measure the level of protection clothing provides against pesticides. At ProQares we select the most suitable test method in consultation with you, so we can guarantee accurate test results.

Worldwide test partner

ProQares is a worldwide specialist in testing protective clothing, gloves and boots for use against hazardous chemicals. For many years we have been a test partner to dozens of companies and governments. In 2021 we also started offering tests with pesticides. This expansion is a logical step considering our experience and the knowledge we gained in specialised testing of protective equipment.

The permeation test is only one of the required or desired tests for evaluating protective clothing. ProQares provides a wide range of required tests in accordance with international standards.