Permeation tests with cytostatics on protective medical clothing and gloves

Safe treatment for patients and professionals

For medical professionals, protective clothing and gloves are essential for them to perform their work safely. Specifically during the treatment of cancer patients, they come into contact with chemicals that may cause severe health damage. Exposure to these during patient care or while administering medication is almost impossible to prevent. ProQares tests whether your gloves and other protective medical equipment can withstand this exposure.

Extensive tests and reports

ProQares is known for its extensive testing options and professional, comprehensive reports.

The permeation test is only one of the required or desired tests for evaluating protective clothing. ProQares provides a wide range of required tests in accordance with international standards.

Reliable (tailor-made) tests with cytostatics

ProQares performs permeation tests with cytostatics. During these, the material is exposed to the cytostatic drug. We then measure whether the cytostatic drug gets into the material, so we test the permeation. In the test report, we state the results including explanatory notes, allowing you to demonstrate that your product meets the requirements for a specific standard.

In our laboratory we can test your materials in accordance with international standards. Submitting a test protocol with your own specifications (temperature, non-standard cytostatics, concentration, duration) is also an option.