Testing of Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC)

CARC testing for effectiveness against chemical warfare agents

CARC is a special coating that protects against chemical, biological and/or radioactive warfare agents, and is used in particular on military vehicles and equipment. ProQares can test whether the coating is resistant to the chemical warfare agents mustard gas, soman and VX.

Guaranteed quality

ProQares performs tests in accordance with internationally accepted standards, including NATO AEP-65 and various MIL standards. In these tests, the residual contamination of CARC is determined, either directly or after a specific decontamination. In this way, ProQares contributes to the evaluation of the quality of your CARC and/or decontaminant.

Extensive testing options, independent results

ProQares performs independent, high-quality tests for manufacturers and end users of protective equipment. For these we offer both an extensive range of tests and professional advice. You may also supply a test protocol based on your own specifications.

Our testing of chemical agent resistant coatings is only one example from our full range of required and desired tests to evaluate protective equipment. You can contact ProQares for a wide range of tests in accordance with international standards.